4 Mints You Should Check Out On Solana This Week!

Not financial advice, but here are 4 mints we are paying attention to for the week of Mar 18 — Mar 24, 2022.

Greetings, Travellers.

Welcome to our new weekly journal entries, “4 MINTS” we are looking at in the upcoming week. Let’s start with the obvious, there are usually not 4 quality mints per week — and none of this is financial advice. We are not telling you to go mint, and any relationship we have with these projects will be disclosed. Having said that, below are the ones that I, Marco Polo, find interesting in the upcoming week. All of their discords are attached, so if you have any questions feel free to hop in and ask about the projects yourselves!

1. BongHeads

The Skinny: BongHeads NFT is your ticket to being a part shareholder in every business venture the project takes. From Casino earnings, to online retail stores, to real life product store integration, and much more. Holding BongHeads will earn you passive income and will be your ticketed entry into the staking and deflationary evolution systems we will explore.

Why we’re paying attention: While grass-themed NFTs have done well recently (see: Best Buds, Stoned Apes, Nuked Apes), we are also a fan of the general art for this one! The overall vibe reminds us, especially of SAC, so we’re looking forward to more “weed” inspired NFTs. With a doxxed team, a low supply and a strong backing, this one should do just fine!

Mint Date: March 20th
Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
Supply: 2,420
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BongHeadsNFT
Website: https://bongheads.io/

2. Kamakura

The Skinny: Kamakura is a collection of unique digital Samurai warriors and ninjas residing in Solana Blockchain.

Lore — In its early days, the land of the rising sun saw itself in the system of feudal lords. During this time, the period of the Kamakura samurais, the Japanese feudal system had its ranks. These warriors protected those with power from the evils of their enemies and those deemed lesser.

With the emperor at the top, shoguns followed, while daimyos trailed behind, the Kamakura samurais were ranked just above the poorest of the land. As battles over land raged across the country, samurais also fought and worked over Solana to rise in ranks, to become a daimyo and own his warrior band, or even become the shogun, the ruler of all Japanese military.

Fighting for their lives, will these Kamakura samurais achieve their goals of becoming daimyos — or even the shogun? Will they be forced to commit kamikaze amidst battle? Or will they be kicked off the ruling class entirely to live as an outcast amongst the peasants?

Why We’re Paying Attention: Anytime someone gives me a chance to earn $RAMEN, I’m in. Asides from that, Kamakura reminds us more of the staking meta that has been happening recently with a Japanese feudal twist to it. If you like the whole yaku-corp type of Ninja vibe combined with cute anime & staking rewards, you’ll do just fine here.

Mint Date: March 18th
Mint Price: 1.25 SOL
Supply: 3,333
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kamakura_nft
Website: http://www.kamakuranft.com/

3. Cool Cats of Solana

The Skinny: We are bringing you the Cool Cats of the Ethereum Network to The Solana Blockchain. Aside from participating in one the coolest curated, randomized NFT projects in the world–and getting a fantastic PFP–being a Cool Cat holder means you’ll actually help evolve and build the future of the Cool Cats Solana brand and ecosystem. We return 50% of all SOL raised to the our community through contests, raffles, etc., because we genuinely want Cool Cats to be a community-driven and owner-centric project. By getting a Cool Cat, you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the program. We’ll be looking to you for input, to help determine specifics for future developments like breeding, next-generation Cool Cats Solana, the Cool Cats Solana app, and much more!

Why We’re Paying Attention: A new meta that has been emerging, is the “lack-of-roadmap” meta where projects ask the community what it wants to build. It seems like the Cool Cat people are taking 50% of the SOL raised to do exactly that. Other projects like Moshiverse have attempted this model as well, so we’re looking forward to the results!

Mint Date: March 18th at 17:00 UTC
Mint Price: 0.33 SOL
Supply: 3,333
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolanaCoolCatz
Website: https://coolcatssolana.com/

4. Mary Jane

The Skinny: These are the female counterparts (Gen2 in a way) to the BestBuds collection. Below is from the website.

We are excited to announce Mary Janes, the next step in expanding the Best Buds family collection. Mary Janes are the new female counterpart of Best Buds who will activate a lot of new utility for the community in the future; collectors are going to want to keep both Best Buds and Mary Janes in their wallets!

Besides ushering in a whole new fantastic looking IP and market base, Mary Janes will bolster the community by providing staking utility and advanced breeding capabilities so that collectors can passively grow their collection! Mary Janes mark a crucial and amazing upgrade for our Best Buds community, happy minting!

Why We’re Paying Attention: Another weed-themed NFT in the same post? You bet-cha! As we stated above, weed NFT have done well recently and Mary Jane is the sister component to the Best Buds (currently hovering around a 20 SOL floor). With more $ALL token being added to the circulation, this will give more weed enthusiastic holders a chance to get in at the ground floor!

Mint Date: Greenlist Mint (Best Buds Holders) on March 19th, Public Mint on March 20th
Mint Price: Greenlist: 0.69 SOL + .11 SOL worth of $ALL Public: 4.2 SOL
Supply: 4,200
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaryJaneNFTs
Website: https://bestbudsnft.io/

That’s all for today folks, if you have any projects who are minting soon, please let us know on Twitter.

We’ll also start hosting “Post-Mint” AMA’s on our Twitter Spaces soon for that post-Superbowl interview type of vibe to capture the rawness of a successful mint, and have projects answer any questions they can! So if you know any of the projects above, please connect us so we can host them for our show!




Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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