Marco Polo’s NFT Travel Journal — Entry #20

Hackerhouse Miami, SOLGods ATH, Atadia $ATA coming, TombStoned rising, and more from Apr 5 — 11, 2022.

Hello frens and anons.

My name is Marco Polo, I am a traveler in the vast spaces of Solana’s NFT-verse, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of shit going on. I’ve seen a lot in my life, including a fight between Kublai and a degenerate ape in the year 1260. But none of the things I’ve seen in my travels compare to the sheer volume of non-fungible monkees and pixel dicks launched on Solana. So, as I have done before with my New York Times best-selling book, “The Travels Of Marco Polo,” I will attempt to document everything going on. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


Never have we had so many builders together in one place as we did at Solana Hackerhouse Miami. From April 5th to 10th, all the top devs on Solana all came together in Miami to celebrate and build the Solana ecosystem. Problems were solved, booze was drunk, and vibes high as F. Plus, garyvee is here… 👀

Around The Solana NFT-verse ☀️

  • Wtih $GOD token on the horizon, SolGods has reached an ATH with a FP of 60 Sol at the time of writing. It is well deserved as there are some very interesting mechanics coming with $GOD, which its founder @LHexe promised to be sustainable and have real utilities.
In $GOD we trust
  • Atadia is a project that is focused on art and community. With $ATA coming up, a lending protocol on the horizon, and collab with OpenSea already live, a lot is going on at Atadia, and the floor prices reflect that, with a jump from 4 sol to 20 sol FP.
Analytics Atadians are the new sexy
  • TombStoned High Society is a new project on the scene this week, given by its high trading volumes and a great community vibe similar to Cets on Creck, I’ll give it a five star review on the graveyard welp — Skeletons are rising.
Til Death Do Us Part
  • @DecimusDynamic is a project with a collection of robots in the Steampunk art style, which sold out the entire collection of 4000 robots in the matter of seconds. We will be keeping a close eye on them to see what they are going build out in the near future.

The Weird & Wacky 🤹‍♂️

In a weird and kinky twist (see what I did there?), you can now pick up your own set of panties on the Solana Blockchain. What’s next? CryptoBras?

Weekly Community Hero Award 🏆

Our weekly community hero award goes to @FrancescoCiull4, who shared thread full of free resources for up and coming Solana Devs.

Solana is a welcoming space, even for beginners, which is why it’s great to see people from this community helping both new and established frens in this space!

Upcoming Mint We’re Watching 👀

Meta Ducks

The Skinny: Meta Ducks is an NFT project built on the Solana ecosystem. They aim to cover all angles when it comes to utility, which is the current meta, but they are also promising to be different compared to other projects. They’re current working on having their own custom metaverse called the duck pond, a play to earn game and their own token.

Mint Date: Tue, Apr 12th
Mint Supply: 5,555
Price: 1.99 SOL

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated, and if you want to be featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord for the latest updates!

Safe Travels,




Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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