Marco Polo’s NFT Travel Journal — Entry #9

From Rouge Panda Rugs, to Chillchat, to Cozomo Medici, all that’s excited in the Solana-verse from Jan 17-Jan 23, 2022!

Hello frens and anons.

My name is Marco Polo, I am a traveler in the vast spaces of Solana’s NFT-verse, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of shit going on. I’ve seen a lot in my life, including a fight between Kublai and a degenerate ape in the year 1260. But none of the things I’ve seen in my travels compare to the sheer volume of non-fungible monkees and pixel dicks launched on Solana. So, as I have done before with my New York Times best-selling book, “The Travels Of Marco Polo,” I will attempt to document everything going on. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


From Skellymode.sol

Solana is becoming more like the Silk Road every day, full of rogues, wretches and rugs. Our highlight this week combines all three. Let us set the scene:

As the sun goes down on our rug-pull, Rogue Pandas, a wretch saunters forth into the Discord space. He turns his head towards the sky and feigns innocence, for all the world a victim in this grim tragedy.

The wretch in question is SOL influencer Rick Bakas, who pines for the money he lost after minting with Rogue Pandas. According to @arpithsheth, Slick Rick was actually paid 140 SOL to shill these NFTs.

If this was Star Wars, Slick Rick would be Lando Calrissian, if it was the Godfather he would be Fredo Corleone. But since we’ve already dove into the Shakespearian drama comparison, let’s just finish with this classic line, ‘Et tu, Brute?’

Around The Solana NFT-verse ☀️

  • Ah NFTs, a digital artform becoming more abstract by the day. Take SolSAND as an example, these artistic renderings of… yes, you guessed it, grains of sand, sold out in one minute. What’s next? NFT rocks? Oh wait, we already did that…
Rock it SolSand
  • We know how much you guys love our weekly primate-themed NFT updates, and truly there is no shortage of NFT apes out there. The latest: Alpha Gorillas, which are basically hench warrior primates — shout-out the testosterone-fueled subsects of the SOL world.
  • Pretty difficult to say anything snarky about this one. The folks at Chillchat are far from chill, dropping 1,500 totally unique NFTs for their pixelated Metaverse. They’ve got a bowl of ramen, an avocado wearing a graduation cap, a dope golden dragon. Love it.
My alarm didn’t wake me up sigh… FOMO is real …
  • One morning after drinking too much yellow wine the night before, Kublai Khan told me he had seen a dragon. I told him to make an NFT out of the experience, but he didn’t. Well, Boryoku Dragonz certainly beat him to the punch, with their floor over 200 SOL, and ETH influencers like @CozomoMedici getting in on the action.
Welcome Cozomo Medici! Wen “Mercanti”?

The Weird & Wacky 🤹‍♂️

  • What people think the Metaverse will be used for: Creating an idyllic techno-utopia. What it will actually be used for: porn.
This video needs to be pixelized…
  • This NFT looks like that creepy doll that Andy’s next door neighbor Sid in Toy Story made. For that alone, I’d buy.
  • Depicted as a dark, insidious character, the toy maker from WEIRD TOYS has an incredible inner life and creative nous. Heart = warmed.
QT, no?

Weekly Community Hero Award 🏆

When I lived in the city center in Beijing, I knew the hutongs back-to-front. One day, I was sent to deliver a notice to one of the outer districts, and strode out confidently. It took 2 damn weeks to find my destination. As you may know, jumping feet first into Web3 is a great way to start, but it helps to have signposts to guide your way. Our hero of the week is @Solana itself, reeking of MVP energy as it gives Web2 developers key instructions for developing on Web3. Kiss the ring.

From Solana, aka the king.


This is not financial advice. Minting NFTs is kind of like traveling through a desert on the back of your camel looking for an Oasis. You THINK something looks like a palm tree and a pond of water, but in reality, it’s just worthless crap like rocks or Solana Badgers. Below are the ones we are watching this week, maybe minting, but definitely not commenting on.

Just remember. You either do or do not mint. There is no try. (Mostly because that’s not how transactions on blockchain work).

  1. Botborgs

Mint Date: 01/24
Quantity: 10000
Price: 2 SOL

2. Bulls & Bears Country Club

Mint Date: 01/31
Quantity: 2500
Price: 0.5 SOL

3. Solclub

Mint Date: 01/25
Quantity: 2222
Price: 1.5 SOL

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated, and if you want to be featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord for the latest updates!

Safe Travels,




Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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Designing DeFi for the world of NFT on Solana so you get extra yield for your JPEGs

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